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Wanting to Get Away!
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Albie's Story


This page is a bit more of my story and how I came to love sailing!

Skipper Albie. Click on my pic to see my boat! 

 "I was captivated by the water, the wind and the sky."

One of my first sunset pictures from when I was still new to sailing - but I still like it a lot! Click on the pic to see Albie's Sailing pictures. 

Tall Ships have always captivates me. That's why for a couple years I volunteered on the Tall Ships Irving and Exy Johnson. Click on pic to go to Albie's Pirate page! 

The ocean has fascinated me since I was  young. Drawing tall ships in elementary school was encouraged further after having visited the HMS Victory in Plymouth, England and the Cutty Sark in Greenwhich London. Today I still love to draw sailboats and tall ships.

Come see my sea pictures by clicking the pic!  Drawing by Albion Derbyshire, Copywrite 10-14-14

 Later, After reading a book about a family that sailed across the Atlantic, my curiosity about sailing was fanned into flame. One of the things that captivated my attention was the initial planning the father made for the trip at his desk with the sea maps in front of him. I could see myself doing that and couldn't wait to start! The other thing was the actual trip and the challenge of the sea.

Maiden Voyage by Tania Aebi.
Come see my Favorite Sailing Books by clicking on the Pic!

Having been out at sea a lot since this time I have to confront my earlier thoughts on the ocean and say that sometimes the ocean will do more than just challenge you. Sometimes it will drive you to the point of  sheer panic and it is all you can do to stay focused on creating the solution when you know you may not have enough time to succeed. Still, to actually believe you will fail will cause you to panic, so you have to think fast and come up with something you think may actually work!
I don't mean to scare you or make you feel frightened of the ocean, but the truth is that the more experienc you earn, the more control you will have but there is never full control and in fact the ocean is stronger than anyone can imagine.

It helps to have a healthy respect of the sea - it will keep you from some of the worst trouble you'll get yourself into!

Since I didn't  have my own boat, I made my own!
My model boat took a year to build it in my spare time. I made it without any plans.

 I even learned how to bend the wood around the frame by soaking the wood in hot water for half an hour and then attaching the wooden beams to the framework. By the time it had dried, the wood was bent how you needed it to be.

  It sailed very well and it was set to sail on a beam reach (at 90 degree  angle to the wind). I took it out across large bays and even out on the ocean!

 It could be flipped by a wave upside down and right itself up again! But if it flipped two or three times then it would sink. Lol!

Today it sits in my bedroom window and doesn't sail all that much. But it taught me a great deal about boats and how much symmetry and math go into making one!

After building the boat, it was time to go to the next step. Soon I was taking sailing lessons and joining others cruises out to Catalina Island!

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 And when I wasn't able to actually be on the water I started drawing it or reading sailing books!

Albie's Vision: 

As you can see I've been sailing now for almost 20 years now and loving it! My vision is to be able to share this with more and more people and travel and sail different parts of the world.

Maybe you have a dream to share  something YOU really like?

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Thanks for stoping by and seeing a little bit more of my story!

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Albie's Boat. Columbia 22. Click on pic to see more!